About EOH Academies

With thousands of education and training providers and consultants available in South Africa, it seems that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to sourcing learning solutions.

However, navigating the fragmented and often highly territorial waters of private education and training provision in South Africa can be both confusing and dangerous, for private and public sector organisations.

Sourcing a random combination of unintegrated learning interventions from this jungle, can have unintended and unforeseeable drawbacks when unethical providers misrepresent their offerings, sabotage the efforts of their perceived competition, or suggest cheaper but less effective alternatives purely to win business away from competitors. Nevertheless for a business that trains infrequently and non-strategically, the yellow pages remain a “quick and dirty” approach to sourcing learning.

For all other organisations, and for individuals who are serious about their career prospects, EOH Academies offers a consistent, reliable and integrated set of learning solutions that all operate from the same successful parent company, and that have established a cumulative track-record of 63 years in their fields. This includes well-known South African leaders such as Faculty Training Institute, Proserv, BIRHD, Siyanqoba and Kaizania which have graduated over 30,000 learners between them, in over 250 programmes ranging from short courses to diplomas and other qualifications.

The learning solutions we offer within the Academies cut across a wide range of occupations and career pathways, in fields such as:

♦ Project Management
♦ Business Analysis
♦ Quality Assurance and Testing
♦ Hospitality, Tourism and Guiding
♦ Public Administration
♦ Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
♦ Management & Leadership
♦ Change Management

Within each of these fields are a range of learning programmes, from short courses to skills programmes and qualifications, targeting the full range of employees from entry level to senior management. Delivery is available across a range of modalities from instructor-led to e-Learning or blended learning. Workplace learning and experiential learning programmes can be integrated to this mix via EOH Workplace Learning, our sister business unit.

EOH Academies is product and methodology neutral. Although we develop and own almost all of our courseware, we regularly benchmark against international and professional standards, having the capacity and objectivity to release out-worn products and methods as soon as they are superseded. With a 44% annual growth rate on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, we are not desperately trying to sell redundant learning solutions.

Whether you are an individual seeking to further your career or an HR Director looking for a focused skills development solution for a group of employees, EOH Academies has the programmes, infrastructure and expertise to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution. Whether you take just one component of a learning solution, or customise a solution that spans several occupations or NQF levels, is entirely dependant on what is objectively the best choice in your context. While EOH Academies stands ready to advise you, we don’t presume to know your business, or career choices, better than you do.

EOH Academies is able to provide these services at lower rates than many competitors because of proven methodologies, economies of scale, and the shared support services which service all learning solutions within the Academies, as well as the larger EOH group of companies (which collectively employs 7,500 people).

Beyond delivering the selected learning solution for you, we can also manage the intervention on your behalf, and even source funding from external agencies where needed. We can compile and submit all SETA* reporting as well as customise the learning solution to maximise its value on your BBBEE** scorecard. We can also offer you integrated HR support services before, after or during the learning intervention, via our internal support services unit and EOH Human Capital Solutions which works closely with EOH Academies and EOH Workplace Learning. This includes organisational design, recruitment, remuneration, retention, health & wellness, and legal services.

So whether you are planning your second (or third) career, looking for a short course for one employee, or writing next year’s learning and development operational plan, invite us to share our experience and perspective with you. Together we can create a better outcome.

Programme Type: Qualifications
Duration: 3 to 12 months
♦  Offered mainly in part-time format
♦  Focused on new industry entrant level, job specialist, supervisory, junior or senior management level
♦  All qualifications have a rigorous assessment component based on practical observations at the more operational levels and tests, assignments and case studies at more senior levels
♦  Most of our qualifications have been accredited by local or international accreditation bodies and therefore result both in EOH Academies’ and accreditation body certification
Programme Type: Skills Programmes
Duration: 2 to 3 months
♦  Combine a theory and practical training or workplace learning component
♦  Most of our skills programmes focus on entry level and job specialist positions and the main assessment tool used is practical observation in a real work environment
♦  All skills programmes are accredited and when competent result in certification issued by a formal accreditation body
Programme Type: Short Courses
Duration: 2 to 5 days
♦  Designed to develop competence or mastery in specific, focused occupational skill sets
♦  Short courses can be unit standard aligned or linked to a nationally or internationally accepted professional standard or practice
♦  Available in e-learning, blended or classroom formats, whichever solution is most appropriate
♦  Aligned to the latest trends and developments in an industry and delivered by recognised experts

* Sector Education and Training Authority
** Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (Codes of Good Practice)